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Online with our driving lesson schedule

With our driving lesson schedule you can book, change or cancel your driving lessons and your theoretical lessons 24 / 7 online.

Participating locations

In all other Rausch driving schools, please book your driving lessons personally or by phone.


  • You will get your access for the driving lessons schedule after your registration in your Rausch Driving School.
  • Browser Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari is recommended in the latest version. With other browsers, it can happen that are not displayed all the free driving lessons appointments.

Booking default

  • Driving lesson can be booked up to 4 hours in advance
  • Theoretical lessons can be booked up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Driving lesson can be booked up to 4 months in advance
  • Tariff basic max. 1 driving lesson appointment per week
  • Tariff select max. 3 driving lesson appointments per week
  • Crash course more than 3 driving lesson appointments per week

If you would like to make a booking, which deviates from booking default, please contact the customer care of your Rausch Driving School.


  • With Happy Hour! Same performance - good price.
  • When you book, change or cancel your appointment, you will automatically get a confirmation email. Please check your e-mail account and your spam folder.
  • Your driving instructor can judge very well whether there is a sufficient number of appointments to book for a successfuly passing the exam. Ask your driving instructor if the number of appointments are enough or not. So you can early book more appointments or cancel them.
  • If you should have not reached the minimum age for your driver's license, please note for your booking, that the practical examination can not start earlier than 1 month before you reach the minimum age.
  • It is not an error if you don´t see green time slots. There are no appointments free in this period.


  • According to our terms and conditions, a driving lesson appointment can only be canceled by the learner himself in the driving lesson planner up to 48 hours beforehand. Saturday and Sunday do not count in the driving lessons schedule. This means, a driving lesson appointment for Monday must be canceled on Thursday.
  • According to our terms and conditions, a theoretical lesson can only be canceled by the learner himself in the driving lesson schedule up to 24 hours beforehand.
  • An appointment can not be canceled by e-mail, messaging or telephone.
  • If an appointment not canceled at this time limit, Driving School Rausch required a compensation for loss of miss driving lessons according to training contract.


Please contact the support team of the driving lesson schedule

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