Class BE

Large Driver´s license trailer


Vehicle combination: 

  • motor vehicle with max. mass up to 3500 kg and
  • a trailer up to 3500 kg maximum mass


Training vehicles

For your safety and enjoyment in the training you drive on top equipped vehicles latest models. A professional maintenance and cleanliness of our vehicles is natural for us.

At driving schools you will find all training vehicles that are offered in the respective driving school.

  • VW Tiguan (Automatic) + Trailer

Duration of training

The training duration depends on the following factors:

  • required number of driving lessons
  • taken driving lessons per day/ week
  • license application processing time


You decide how often you visit the theory lessons and how many driving lessons you take per week. We recommended 1 - 2 theory lessons and 2 - 6 driving lessons per week. Average length of training about 2 - 3 months.

Crash course INDIVIDUAL

We will arrange your individual practical crash course. As intense as you want. You decide the duration of the crash course and you can even choose your individual timetable for your practical lessons. We recomend 2 driving lessons at the day.

Before your crash course starts, it is necessary to do an application for a driver´s license at your local driver´s license agency.

Our customer care of your Rausch driving school can tell you what a forerun we currently need for your crash course. They gladly plan your driver´s license with you.

Participating driving schools crash course INDIVIDUAL:
Barerstr. 49
Schleißheimerstr. 115
Ungererstr. 118a


No theoretical lessons and theoretical test will be required.

Practical Driving

Our driving instructors provide a pleasant atmosphere in smoke-free cars. Punctuality is taken for granted in our school. We see it as our duty to provide everything we can that you enjoy your driving lessons. Mock exams will prepare you for the real test. They show you what to expect in the test and your instructor whether you are ready for the test. 

Driving lessons are also offered in English.

Booking driving lessons

You can easily book your driving lessons online or our customer care will develop your individual training schedule. Our teachers can generally offer lessons Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm.

Training lessons

At the training lessons you practice basic tasks and cityride. The number of your training lessons is adaptable. Always according to our motto: "As much as necessary, as little as possible!" In order to guarantee the ideal number of lessons for you, we will keep an individual training schedule.

Special lessons

At the special lessons you practice driving on country road, highway and at the night. The number is required by law.

Number of special lessons:

  • 3 lessons (at 45 minutes) country road driving
  • 1 lessons (at 45 minutes) highway driving
  • 1 lessons (at 45 minutes) driving at twilight/night
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