Your training perfectly organized


With your FAHREN LERNEN app, you can request driving lesson appointments from our customer service team and view your confirmed/booked driving lesson appointments. You can manage your driving school account, your training contract and your payments. You can also use it to prepare for your theory and practical test.

Download the FAHREN LERNEN app from the App Store or Play Store.
You will receive your app access details from our customer service team.

Allow the app to send you messages so that you receive notifications about confirmed/booked driving lessons.


  • Your payments and account balance on your driving school account
  • Retrieve and sign your training contract
  • Service overviews with all your services and payments
  • Receipt and validity of your test order (from when you are authorised to take the test)
  • All administration points under -> More -> Document folder

Theoretical training

  • Future theory lessons with all data: App FAHREN LERNEN -> To-Do -> Theory
  • Number and topics of your theory lessons attended so far: Learn to drive app -> red circle with percentage -> Theory lessons attended -> View details
  • All exam questions including videos according to the legal requirements for your theory exam. Guaranteed!
  • Personal online trainer in 12 languages2 with guided learning path
  • Display of estimated learning time until you are ready to take the exam
  • Indicates whether you have reached exam maturity. You have reached exam maturity if you have completed all learning units in the learning pathway and you have also successfully completed 15 exam simulations in a row in the last 10 days.
  • Motivation through feedback on learning progress
  • Learning book as e-book in 12 languages2
  • Success guarantee for theoretical exam1
  • Pre-exams and exam simulations
  • Multi-level learning aids for each question -> your theoretical training level is taken into account
  • Your driving instructor can track your progress
  • Theoretical topics as audio book
  • Learning status is automatically synchronised on all end devices

Practical training (driving lessons)

  • Request driving lessons from our customer service: App FAHREN LERNEN -> To-Do -> small blue icon in the bottom right corner
  • All your confirmed/booked driving lessons: App FAHREN LERNEN -> To-Do -> Practice
  • Number and type of driving lessons you have taken so far: App FAHREN LERNEN -> red circle with percentage -> completed driving lessons
  • More efficient driving lessons through mental audio training for all important actions during driving lessons
  • More efficient driving lessons through preparation and follow-up of the driving lesson in the workbook
  • Use of drive easy Simulator in the BALANCED and INTENSIVE training mode
  • App Drivers Cam - video analysis of difficult traffic situations from your test area (Premium App)
  • App Gefahren Lernen
  • Learning book as an e-book for preparing and following up your driving lessons
  • Practical packages to link to your driving lessons
  • Perception and search images for practice


Help with your App FAHREN LERNEN

1 If you do not pass the theoretical exam, we guarantee you a Discount according to price offer. This will be credited to you for the practical examination. The pass guarantee is only granted for the first failed theory exam. Prerequisite: Training type BALANCED or INTENSIVE, the app FAHREN LERNEN has been registered for you at Fahrschule Rausch and you have achieved test maturity in the last 3 days before your theory test according to your app FAHREN LERNEN. The fee of the testing organisation TÜV Süd has to be paid extra. Currently only available at the following driving schools: Barerstr. 49, Schleißheimerstr. 115, Ungererstr. 118a

2 German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Turkish

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