Book or cancel driving lesson

24/7 with your appointment planner

With the appointment planner in your FAHREN LERNEN app, you can request, change or cancel driving lesson appointments 24/7.


  • FAHREN LERNEN app to request driving lesson appointments.
  • Your credit balance on your driving school account must be sufficient for confirmed and newly requested driving lesson appointments.


  • In your app Fahren Lernen under To-Do, you can use the small blue icon in the bottom right-hand corner to request your driving lesson appointments with our customer service team.
  • Your requested driving lesson appointments can only be confirmed if your credit balance is sufficient for these and already confirmed driving lesson appointments.
  • The higher your credit balance, the more requested driving lesson appointments can be confirmed.
  • You will receive a push notification for each confirmed request for a driving lesson. Your confirmed driving lesson appointment will also appear in your app FAHREN LERNEN -> To-Do -> Practice
  • If your credit is not sufficient, your request will unfortunately be rejected.
  • Your current balance: App FAHREN LERNEN -> More -> Document folder -> Finances
  • Please transfer an advance payment for your driving lessons to your driving school if you do not have sufficient credit. You determine the amount of the advance payment.
  • As soon as we have received your advance payment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and you can request driving lesson appointments again.
  • Only your driving instructor can judge your level of performance. Ask him halfway through the training whether you should request further driving lessons or cancel any overbooked driving lessons.
  • After completing your training, any credit balance will of course be transferred back to you without being asked.
  • Driving lesson appointments can be booked up to 8 hours before the start of the appointment.
  • Driving lesson appointments can be booked up to 6 months in advance.
  • BASIC tariff max. 1 driving lesson per week.
  • BALANCED tariff max. 3 driving lesson appointments per week.
  • INTENSIVE tariff more than 3 lessons per week.
  • Driving lesson Happy hour Mon - Fri until 4.30 pm.
  • Driving lesson Premium Mon - Fri from 4.30 pm and Sat.
  • If you have not yet reached the minimum age for your driving licence, please note when booking that the practical test may be taken at the earliest 1 month before you reach the minimum age.
  • If there are no free driving lesson dates in your app to be seen, this is not a disruption. There are no driving lesson dates available during this period.


  • A driving lesson appointment can only be cancelled up to 72 hours in advance in your FAHREN LERNEN app.
  • Appointments cannot be cancelled by email, WhatsApp, SMS or telephone.
  • A medical certificate (sick note) does not release you from the obligation to pay for driving lessons not taken.
  • If an appointment is not cancelled by the specified deadline, Fahrschule Rausch will demand compensation for the missed lesson in accordance with the training contract.
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