Practical training

Perfectly prepared for the examination

Security measure

The driving lesson may only take place if the learner driver and driving instructor wear a mouth-nose protection (face mask). Please bring your own face mask to the driving lesson. We ask for your understanding that you cannot drive the driving lesson without mouth-nose protection (face mask).

Training plan

Our driving instructors will train you according to the following training plan.

Only when you have successfully trained all training content will your driving instructor accompany you in the practical examination.

Training plan conversion foreign driving license class B / B with key number 78


So you can be better prepared for your practical exam, we offer you the DriversCam.

With the videos of DriversCam, you will understand the most important and most difficult traffic situations, which can be reactivated in your practical test. Comfortable and stress-free you watch at home or on your Smartphone the videos. You can find situations exclusively from your test area in Munich.

Including app. DriversCam is available in English.

To use DriversCam, you will need the learning set FAHREN LERNEN MAX.

DriversCam currently only in following driving schools available:
Barerstr 49
Schleißheimerstr. 115
Ungererstr. 118a

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