Practical training

Perfectly prepared for the examination

Training time

Class A, A2, A1: beginning of April until November

Class B, BE: all year round


The driving lessons are offered only in German language.

If a foreign driver's license is being converted, driving lessons can also be offered in English.

The practical exam is held exclusively in German.

The German - English translation contains the words used by the examiner.

Book driving lesson

Please book your driving lessons with your appointment planner FAHREN LERNEN.

Reduce the number of driving lessons

To keep your driving lessons to a minimum, we recommend:

  • Book your full driving lesson plan at the start of your training according to our recommended number of driving lessons.
  • Drive regularly at least 1 - 2 driving lessons per week.
  • Train on our drive easy driving simulator. Only class B197, B78 and class B.
  • Regularly ask your driving instructor whether the number of driving lessons you have booked is sufficient. 
  • Work with your e-book and workbook.
  • Train all recurring action sequences with the mental audio training.
  • Follow the theory lessons attentively and then prepare them in your e-book and workbook.
  • Concentrate on your work during the driving lessons.
  • Compare your learning level with our training plans. See below.
  • Ask your driving instructor which topic will be covered in the next lesson.
  • Prepare for the next lesson with your e-book and workbook.
  • Learn the "Departure control". See below.
  • Study the "Explanation pictures". See below.
  • Use the DriversCam. See below.
  • Attend every driving lesson you have booked. Missed lessons are unnecessary and can be avoided.

In the e-book in the App Fahren Lernen Class B, the following lessons, among others, are particularly relevant for the driving lessons: 3 - 9, 11

Training plan

Our driving instructors will train you according to the following training plan.

Only when you have successfully trained all training content will your driving instructor accompany you in the practical examination.

Training plan conversion foreign driving license class B / B with key number 78

Departure control / vehicle check

Departure control / vehicle check is part of the practical test.

At the beginning of your practical test, you have to check 3 safety-related things on your vehicle. The examiner will select these.

Departure control / vehicle check

Departure control operating elements pictures VW Polo

Departure control operating elements pictures BMW 116



We offer the DriversCam so that you are even better prepared for your practical test.

With the DriversCam videos, you will understand the most important and difficult traffic situations exclusively from your examination area in Munich.

DriversCam is also available in English.

To be able to use DriversCam, you need the student manager FAHREN LERNEN MAX.

DriversCam is currently only available at the following locations: Maxvorstadt, Schwabing-Freimann, Schwabing-West.

Driving task catalogue / Assessment Examination

Your driving instructor will train you according to the driving task catalogue.

Your performance during the test drive will be assessed solely on the basis of the driving task catalogue.

Fahraufgabenkatalog Klasse B

Fahraufgabenkatalog Klasse BE

Fahraufgabenkatalog Klasse A

Fahraufgabenkatalog Klasse A2

Fahraufgabenkatalog Klasse A1

Fahraufgabenkatalog Grundfahraufgaben

Prüfungsrichtlinie praktische Prüfung

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