Changing driving school

Continue your driving licence with us

Changing a driving school is uncomplicated.


  • All theory lessons, driving lessons, special trips and tests that you have completed at your old driving school will of course be credited to you within the statutory time limits.
  • Theory lessons and special driving tests already completed are valid for 2 years.
  • A passed theory test is valid for one year.
  • Your examination order (examination permit) is valid for one year regardless of the driving school.

Training certificate

  • We need your training certificate from your previous driving school, on which your previous driving lessons and theory lessons are documented.
  • If the training certificate does not show the number of driving hours (category B197), we need confirmation from the old driving school of the number and dates of the previous driving hours. As a rule, the type of vehicle (manual or automatic) must be noted on the training certificate.

Driving licence application already submitted via previous driving school

Current driving school is in Munich

  • You must have your application changed at the Munich District Administration Office. All information and application at Current applications at the driving licence office.
  • As a rule, you do not have to submit the 1st aid course, eye test and photos again, as this data has already been recorded in your 1st application.


Current driving school is not in Munich

  • You must contact the previous driving licence authority (e.g. district administration department, district office, town hall). There you must state that you wish to continue your driving licence training in Munich.
  • You must also state our driving school number and the test centre TÜV Süd München.
  • The driving school number can be found at the top right of the training contract at the address of the driving school.
  • Your previous driving licence authority will forward your driving licence application or issued test order (test permit) to the Munich District Administration Office.
  • You must also submit an application to the Munich District Administration Office. See Application driving license. You must note on the application that you have already applied for your driving licence at your previous driving licence authority.

Driving licence application not yet submitted

All information on apply for a driving licence

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