Practical Examination

All important information for your examination


  • Approved exam order from the driving license authority
  • You can take your practical exam at least 1 months before reaching the minimum age.
  • Advance payment (Kostenvorschuss) by TÜV Süd for your examination fee has been paid.
  • Theoretical exam (if necessary) passed with success
  • Complete practical training with the prospect of success in the examination
  • Proof of training digitally signed in the driving school 1 - 2 days before the practical examination


  • Your driving instructor can best assess your performance and plan the date of the practical examination with you.
  • The lead time for registration is about 1 - 2 weeks in autumn / winter and about 2 - 4 weeks in spring / summer.
  • There must be at least 2 weeks between your theoretical and practical examination.


You can cancel the booked exam free of charge up to 6 working days (mo - fri) before the exam date. If this deadline is not met, all costs of the examination are due.

Terms of payment

  • As soon as your examination order has been received by the examination organization, the examination organization TÜV Süd will send you an advance payment by post regarding the examination fees to be paid.
    (Learners at the location Nymphenburgerstr. 190 and Lasallestr. 95 pay the test fee of the test organization directly in the driving school.)
  • So that your examination can take place, pay your driving school balance, for all services up to the examination at least 6 working days (Mon - Fri) before the examination.
  • If you still have an outstanding balance on the examination day, the examiantion cannot take place. All costs of the examination are still due.
  • After passing the exam, the examiner will give you a bill of costs (invoice) for all of your paid examination fees.

Fee of examination organisation TÜV Süd

Required Documents

  • ID card or passport
  • Previous driving license if available
  • If necessary glasses or contact lenses according to the eye test
  • See documents at News Information Corona

Date, time and place of departure

  • You will receive an invitation by email from our customer service with the date of the exam.
  • You can see the date, expected start time and departure point of the exam about 3 working days before the exam in your driving lesson schedule or you can get the information from your driving instructor.
  • Please be at the departure point approx. 15 minutes before the expected start time.
  • If your exam starts at 7.30 a.m., please be at the departure point by 7 a.m.


The practical exam takes place only in German language.

Translation of the most important words German - English


The duration of the practical examination:

  • Class B / B78 / B197 / BE: 55 minutes
  • Class A / A2 / A1: 70 minutes
  • Class A ascent / A2 ascent: 60 minutes

The specified test duration includes at least 30 minutes driving time and all points from the audit process below are included.

Audit process

  • The examiner checks your ID.
  • Your driving instructor will accompany you during the exam.
  • Before the exam drive, the examiner asks you 3 questions about departure control.
  • The examiner may not ask you any questions during the test drive. He only tells you the directions. If the examiner asks your driving instructor to tell you the directions, it does not mean that you failed.
  • In addition to driving inside and outside the city, you have to show the basic driving tasks.
  • The test result will be communicated to you.
  • There will be a final review..
  • You will receive a examination protocol from the examiner with your performance.

Optimierte praktische Fahrerlaubnisprüfung ab 1.1.21


  • During your examination you will drive inside and outside a town.
  • The following number of basic driving tasks must also be performed. These take place on low-traffic streets or squares and are usually driven at the beginning of the exam. For class B, they can only be requested during the course of the exam.


Class B / B78 / B197 - 3 basic driving tasks

  • Drive right backwards using a junction, intersection or driveway
  • Reversing into a parking space (longitudinal installation)
  • Driving into a parking space (transverse or inclined installation)
  • Turning back
  • Braking with the greatest possible deceleration


Class BE - 1 basic driving task

  • Backing around a corner to the left


Class A / A2 / A1 - 6 basic driving tasks

  • Driving a slalom at walking speed
  • Braking with the greatest possible deceleration
  • Swerve without braking
  • Swerve after braking
  • Slalom
  • Long slalom
  • Stop and go
  • Circle driving


Class A / A2 ascent - 4 basic driving tasks

  • Driving a slalom at walking speed
  • Braking with the greatest possible deceleration
  • Swerve without braking
  • Swerve after braking

Examination result

Assessment exam

  • ​​​​The examiner will inform you immediately after the examination about the result.
  • A feedback discussion takes place with the examiner.
  • Evaluation of your exam directly on your smartphone.


Examination with success

  • You will receive the driving license directly from the examiner or he will give you a confirmation.
  • With this confirmation you can immediately pick up your driver's license from the driving license authority. You have to book an appointment online.


Examination without success

  • Based on the examination protocol, your driving instructor will recommend which traffic situations / topics should be re-trained.
  • You are allowed to retake earliest the examination after 14 days. The legislator stipulates this period. Available driving lessons and examination required.
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