Registration and advice

Online or personal


All steps to your driving licence incl. price offer.

Registration online

The transmission of your data does not create any legal obligation or commitment.

Send us the following documents/data by e-mail.

You will then receive your training contract for viewing only and all other information.

If you are a minor, a legal guardian must send your documents/data.

  1. Identity card front and back
  2. Current address if different from ID card
  3. Mobile phone number and for WhatsApp (for minors also a legal guardian)
  4. E-mail address (for minors also a legal guardian)
  5. Previous possession of driving licence classes with date and country of issue.
  6. Desired driving licence category. See driving licence finder
  7. Desired duration of training duration regular or crash courses
  8. Desired start and end of training
  9. Desired number of 90 minutes driving lesson appointments per week -> max. 1 oder max. 3 oder max. 12
  10. Desired number of 90 minutes theoretical lessons per week -> max. 1 oder max. 3

Registration personal

To register in person, please contact our customer service team at your chosen location during our registration times.

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