Class A

The unlimited motorcycle license

Your prerequisites

  • Minimum age 24 years at direct access
  • Minimum age 20 for pre-owned class A2 by at least 2 years
  • Documents for application for a driver´s license
  • Safe driver equipment
  • Good concentration and coordination, quick perception
  • Theoretical training and examination
  • Practical training and examination

Theoretical training and theoretical examination are not necessary if you have a class A2 of at least 2 years.

Your vehicle

Motorbikes with

  • no restriction on power (hp) or engine capacity
  • engine capacity of more than 50 ccm or
  • maximum design speed of more than 45 km/h

Seat height

To ensure safe training, our learner drivers must be able to reach the road with at least both balls of their feet. 

For a safe stand on the road, not only the body height and seat height of the motorbike are responsible, but also the seat width, the leg length and the thigh circumference.

Arrange an individual seat test at the driving school to find your suitable training motorbike.


Training vehicles

For your safety and fun in training, you will ride on current models. Professional maintenance of our vehicles is a matter of course.

Under locations you will find the following training vehicles, which are offered at the respective driving school.

  • BMW F 800 GS ABS
  • Honda CB 650 F ABS
  • Kawasaki ER6N ABS
  • Yamaha MT07 ABS

Minimum requirements for training vehicle

  • Minimum engine capacity 595 cc
  • Minimum engine power 50kW
  • Power to weight ratio at least (for electric motor) 0.25 kW/kg
  • Unladen weight min. 175 kg

Fahrschule Rausch offers, based on these characteristics, the lowest and lightest training motorbikes currently available:
e.g. Yamaha MT07 for persons with a height of at least 1.61 m. Lowered chassis, narrow and low seat, seat height 75 cm, weight 180 kg ready to ride.


Own vehicle

You can also use your own motorcycle/scooter for training. It must meet the minimum requirements and you need a confirmation from your insurance company. This is usually always issued.

Your theory lessons

Number theory lessons with no prepossession a drivers license:

  • 12 double lessons (at 90 minutes) of basic knowledge
  • 4 double lessons (at 90 minutes) especially for licenses class A


Number theory lessons at a pre-owned drivers license:

  • 6 double lessons (at 90 minutes) of basic knowledge
  • 4 double lessons (at 90 minutes) especially for licenses class A


Number theory classes at pre-owned Class A2 at least 2 years:

  • Theoretical lessons and a theoretical exam are not compulsory


Theory lessons with plan

Your driving lesson

The driving lessons consist of practice lessons and special lessons.

Of course your driving instructor will accompany you on his motorcycle and via radio. He might ride in front of or behind you depending on your level of training.

The first practice lessons take place on a training area. The training area is located near the driving school.

As soon as you can carry out the necessary basic tasks (7 tasks) and you are a confident biker within the city, your instructor will take you on special lessons. 

Punctuality is taken for granted in our school.

We see it as our duty to provide everything we can that you enjoy your driving lessons.

The special lessons are made at the end of the training.

Mock exams will prepare you for the real test. They show you what to expect in the test and your instructor whether you are ready for the test. 

Training lesson

At the training lessons you practice basic tasks and cityride.

The number of your training lessons is adaptable.

Always according to our motto: "As much as necessary, as little as possible!"

In order to guarantee the ideal number of lessons for you, we will keep an individual training schedule.

Special lesson

At the special lessons you practice driving on country road, highway and at the night.

The duration is required by law.


Number of special lessons with the first purchase of a motorcycle class:

  • 225 minutes country road driving
  • 180 minutes highway driving
  • 135 minutes driving at twilight


Number of special lessons at pre-owned class A1 or 1b:

  • 135 minutes country road driving
  • 90 minutes freeway driving
  • 45 minutes driving at twilight


Number of special lessons for pre-owned Class A2 shorter than 2 years:

  • 135 minutes country road driving
  • 90 minutes freeway driving
  • 45 minutes driving at twilight


Number of special lessons for pre-owned Class A2 longer than 2 years:

  • No special lessons required.


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