Conversion of foreign driving license

The German motorcycle driving license for expats and immigrants

Not valid for EU driving license

Your prerequisites

Requirements for acceptance:

  • You did not have a decent residence in Germany at the time of granting your foreign license. Also applies to the time when extending the foreign license.
  • You resided abroad for more than 6 months at the time you obtained your foreign driving license.

Whether a conversion of your foreign driver's license is possible, decides only the district administration department Munich (KVR) department driver's license.


Your vehicle

For your safety and enjoyment in the training you drive on top equipped vehicles latest models. A professional maintenance and cleanliness of our vehicles is natural for us. They all have ABS. We also offer motorcycles with extra low seats. Just come and test to find out your ideal sitting height. We are convinced to be able to offer you an adequate bike.

At locations you will find following training vehicles that are offered in the respective driving school.

  • BMW F 700 GS ABS
  • Kawaski ER6N ABS
  • Yamaha MT07 ABS

Your rider equipment

It is imperative that you wear full rider equipment during your driving lessons.

  • Motorcycle helmet
  • Motorcycle pants with protectors oder motorcycle-jeans with protectors
  • Motorcycle jacket with protectors
  • Back protector (if not integrated in the motorcycle jacket)
  • Motorcycle gloves
  • Motorcycle boots oder motorcycle-sneakers
  • Headphones with 3.5 mm jack plug (standard headphones for smartphones) for driving school radio

Our learner's get the attractive BMW starter package at a special price: a complete rider equipment for only 800, - € instead of 1350, - € *. Simply submit the training contract of Rausch Driving School at BMW Motorrad and get your rider equipment. For more information go to BMW Motorrad.

You can rent a motorcycle jacket and / or motorcycle trousers from us (depending on availability) for your entire training for a one-time fee of € 39. This jacket or pants is then only available to you during your training. There is no back protector in our motorcycle jacket. Because of Corona, driving schools are not allowed to rent out the remaining parts of driver equipment.

* The starter package can be assembled individually with higher value products from the BMW Motorrad Ride collection. The price advantage of 550, - € will remain.

Your theory lessons

No theory lessons required.

You can however still like participate for free.

We offer theory lessons on 5 days a week at different points in time.

Our theory lessons comprise several modules which you can start at any time.

Motivated instructors will give interactive lessons using the latest media.

The theory lessons are available only in German.

All about the theory topics you'll find in the theory schedule.

Your driving lesson

The driving lessons consist of practice lessons and special lessons.

Of course your driving instructor will accompany you on his motorcycle and via radio. He might ride in front of or behind you depending on your level of training.

The first practice lessons take place on a training area. The training area is located near the driving school.

As soon as you can carry out the necessary basic tasks (7 tasks) and you are a confident biker within the city, your instructor will take you on special lessons. 

Punctuality is taken for granted in our school.

We see it as our duty to provide everything we can that you enjoy your driving lessons.

Mock exams will prepare you for the real test. They show you what to expect in the test and your instructor whether you are ready for the test. 

Training lesson

At the training lessons you practice basic tasks and cityride.

The number of your training lessons is adaptable. A minimum number is not specified.

So your practical exam is successfull, we recommend to book about 6 driving lessons.

Your driving instructor will show you the most important German traffic regulations and can make sure that you would pass the exam.

In order to guarantee the minimum number of lessons for you, we will keep an individual training schedule.

Always according to the motto: "As much as necessary, as little as possible!

Special lesson

At the special lessons you practice the driving on highway and country road.

A minimum number of special lessons are not required.

In the exam you will drive on the highway. Therefore, we recommend to book minimum 1 special lesson. Your driving instructor can verify this if you'd pass the exam there.

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