Class B

The demanding car driving licence for manual and automatic transmissions


Previous possession of category B and then extension to category BE:

If you have a category B licence, you will not be restricted to an automatic gearbox when you upgrade to category BE, C or D, even if the category BE, C or D test was taken with an automatic vehicle, as you have already demonstrated your ability to shift gears in the category B test.

-> A trailer may be towed by a car with manual or automatic transmission.

Previous possession of category B197 and then extension to category BE:

Anyone holding category B with key number 197 will receive an automatic restriction with key number 78 when extending the driving licence for the upgraded category BE, C or D, provided that the test for category BE, C, D is taken with an automatic vehicle. However, the training and test for category BE, C or D now always takes place in a vehicle with automatic transmission at almost all driving schools. This means that there is an automatic restriction for category BE, C or D.

-> A trailer may be towed by a car with automatic transmission.

This automatic restriction could be removed if you prove your switching competence in a new practical test for category B. No special trips, no theory lessons and no theory test are required for this short training course.

Your prerequisites

  • Minimum age 17,5
  • Application driving license​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Theoretical and practical training
  • Theoretical and practical exam

Your vehicle

For your safety and enjoyment in the training you drive on top equipped vehicles latest models. A professional maintenance and cleanliness of our vehicles is natural for us.

The training must take place on a car with a manual transmission.

After passing the exam, you can also drive cars with automatic transmissions.

Under locations  you will find the training vehicles that are offered for training there.

Motor vehicles:

  • up to 3500 kg permissible total mass
  • also with trailer up to max. 750 kg permissible total mass or
  • with trailer over 750 kg permissible total mass, provided that the permissible total mass of towing vehicle and trailer is max. 3500 kg.

Your theory lessons

Number theory lessons with no prepossession a drivers license:

  • 12 double lessons (at 90 minutes) of basic knowledge
  • 2 double lessons (at 90 minutes) especially for licenses class B

Number theory lessons at a pre-owned drivers license:

  • 6 double lessons (at 90 minutes) of basic knowledge
  • 2 double lessons (at 90 minutes) especially for licenses class B


Theory lessons with plan

Your driving lesson

Your driving lessons are made up of training lessons and special lessons.

More information at Practical training.

Training lesson

In the training lessons, you will practise basic driving tasks (parking, emergency braking, reversing) and driving within the city with all traffic rules and situations.

This number varies depending on the learner driver. There is no statutory minimum number.

Special lesson

In the special driving lessons (also known as statutory driving lessons), you only train to drive outside the city on country roads, motorways and at dusk.

The duration is required by law.

  • 225 minutes country road driving
  • 180 minutes highway driving
  • 135 minutes driving at twilight
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