Driving training key number 197

The short driver training course to remove the restriction to automatic transmissions of class B78


Previous holders of a driving licence for class B with key number 78 (restricted to automatic transmission) may also drive cars with manual transmission after this driver training course.

After successful completion of your driver training and test drive, you will receive the shift competence certificate from your driving instructor.

After this, you are also allowed to drive cars with manual transmission in Germany and abroad.

Your prerequisites

  • Minimum age 17.5 years
  • Practical driver training lasting at least 450 minutes
  • Test drive in and out of town with your driving instructor
  • No theoretical or practical examination
  • After the driver training you have to apply for the driving licence

Your vehicle

For your safety and fun during your training, you drive in top-equipped vehicles of the latest models. A professional maintenance and cleanliness of our vehicles is a matter of course.

Motor vehicles:

  • with manual transmission
  • up to 3500 kg gross vehicle weight
  • also with trailer up to max. 750 kg gross vehicle weight or
  • with a trailer over 750 kg permissible total weight, provided that the permissible total weight of the towing vehicle and trailer is max. 3500 kg

The driver training must take place on a car with a manual transmission.

After the successful test drive with your driving instructor, you will be able to drive cars with manual transmissions.

Under Locations you will find the training vehicles that are offered at the respective location.


Your driving lesson

The practical driver training takes at least 450 minutes. The duration is prescribed by law.

The driving lessons are made up of practice lessons and special drives.

Your driving instructor ensures a stress-free learning atmosphere so that you enjoy the training and you don't need an hour too long.

It goes without saying that your driving instructor is on time and adheres to the driving times.

The first practice lessons take place on a practice area. The practice area is located near the driving school.

Always according to our motto: “As much as necessary, as little as possible!” So that you don't drive an hour too much, we have an individual training plan for you.

After completing your driver training, you will drive a test drive in and out of town. In this test drive, your driving instructor evaluates whether you can drive the vehicle safely.

Drive easy simulator

For even more efficient training, you can drive on the drive easy simulator.

Training lesson

In the practice lessons, you will learn how to operate a car with a manual transmission and how to drive in the city.

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